“One of the big things that surprised me was the quality of local food around the UK. I was fishing a mile of the coast of Fife for langoustines. They ship them out to Italy, Spain and France where you will go on holiday and say, ‘that’s the best langoustine I’ve ever eaten in my life – why can’t we get this kind of stuff at home?’.  We cooked them for two minutes, cold-smoked them and ate them with a tarragon coriander mayonnaise dipping sauce. I’ve never in my life had anything so gorgeous”


Paul Hollywood Radio Times 2/11/13

The Cafe is now closed for winter.

We will be open on New Year's Day only, 11am - 5pm.

The Cafe will re-open for 2015 season Easter Weekend.

Christmas Smoked Salmon

We despatch sides of salmon within the UK only - email for details & prices.


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